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Should the Football League Accept Cellino?



One question that seems to have split many Leeds United fans over the last few months has been whether or not the Football League should/should have accepted Massimo Cellino as the new owner of the club.

As a child I can remember going to Elland Road with my Dad to watch Leeds play some of the best teams not only in England but the whole of Europe. Recent years have been less glamorous and Leeds have spent the last 10 years outside of the Premier League.  Leeds haven’t had the best owners in recent years although the club has to be thankful for previous owner Ken Bates who saved the club from disappearing following administration and relegation from the Premier League.

Current owners GFH are becoming more and more unpopular with fans; Leeds fans are used to a lack of investment but the current financial instability at the club and lack of proper investment is making many fans wish we were in the situation before GFH’s takeover.

Cellino argues that due to the differences in Italian and English law he is innocent until proven guilty. Many can argue that due to Cellino’s previous history and convictions it is clear that he is not suitable to run the club many of these may now accept that Leeds are left with little choice but to hope that the appeal finds in his favour.

Personally I was against Cellino’s takeover when it first appeared in the news. A potential owner who thought it was acceptable to sack the manager before he had even finished buying the club seemed a little too radical. However the passion and commitment shown by the Italian in the last few months has changed my mind. I expect life at Leeds with Cellino as owner would be a bumpy ride but you cannot doubt that Leeds could have a better chance of pushing for promotion to the Premier League under Cellino than any of the previous owners in the last 10 years.

Some argue that Cellino could ruin the club financially if his attempt to gain promotion fails, but the current financial status of the club proves that owners who do not invest in the club can also run the club just as badly, and Leeds fans are left with little other choice.

No matter what mine or others opinion is, the decision lies with the Independent QC considering his appeal. I feel the next 24 hours could prove very important for the history of the football club. Should his appeal fail, which many argue it will there could be worrying consequences for the club.

By Chris Tate

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